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Every Friday night until 8 pm
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Every Wednesday our team release a brand new seasonal menu featuring the amazing produce of the Sunshine Coast for our Friday Night Plates.
This menu changes every week depending on what is available from our farmers and suppliers. You can choose to order individual items from the menu or choose our full Mill St option.

At Mill St we believe...

that eating locally can benefit both the environment and your health. Putting your dollars into supporting the local community and farmers directly you are voting for the kind of world you want to see.

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support local.

support the Sunshine Coast.

At Mill St we’re passionate about filling your stomach and your pantry with the best local, sustainable and organic produce the Sunshine Coast has to offer, from locally source fruits and veg to ethically raised meats and freshly baked goods. We thoughtfully prepare our menu from the ingredients our local farmers bring us each day. Our goal is to create simple, satisfying food from what our region and farmers provide.


shop local.

good for the planet. good for you.

We have sourced a wide variety of fresh, local and organic produce, bulk wholefood and pantry goods for you to stock up on.

We embrace the Zero Waste movement through our fresh produce and bulk produce shop. With the environment in mind, we encourage you to bring your own containers to fill up as you shop.